At Oblivion Lab, we craft spaces with distinct experiences by incorporating

human-centric, explorative, and thoughtful approaches. 

We believe in understanding the uniqueness of each client and each space, in order to enhance details of character and finesse. We start with prioritising people and put the human experience at the beginning of the design process. How does one experience the room and how should they feel when they are in the room? This goes beyond environments that are purely well-crafted aesthetically but those constructed to satisfy the subconscious and improve the reality of people's lives.

We will continue to practise this process heartily and aspire to foster stronger sensorial and emotional connections between spaces, owners, and visitors.

Royston Ivan

A rebel at heart and an interior designer by profession, Royston loves to push design boundaries by seeking new ways to reinvent conventional concepts. He often experiments with the fusion of different interior concepts and innovative materials to create unique, dynamic spaces for his clients.


More interestingly, Royston is known for his highly personable personality. He is a natural-born “people-magnet” and has the strong ability to build high levels of working chemistry with his clients. Through that connection, he goes beyond identifying the clients' needs but being able to anticipate them. He  is skilled in fusing the clients’ desires with his own artistic expression; subsequently bringing these collaborative ideas to life very distinctively.


“It is all about creating chemistry. Clients who feel at home will trust us to build their homes.”

Because Roy is experimental with concepts and materials, and is a master at establishing chemistry with clients, he is also known in the team as The Scientist.

Randy Issac

Although Randy is usually not the first point of liaison for the clients, he is a key figure in the team. 


Randy leads, supervises, and implements the projects to ensure quality management, timelines, technical and safety aspects are met to achieve functional and aesthetic satisfaction. Naturally good with numbers, he is skilled in controlling project budgets and also handles the business processes and finances for the company.


As Randy mainly influences projects and the business “behind the shadows”, he is also known in the team as The Shadow-Walker.