Joo Chiat Shophouse | Industrial x Colonial

It was imperative to honour history, location, and architecture of the environment when we set forth on this project.

To achieve our goal, the use of raw materials such as cement screed was not limited to just the floors but also in the construction of the kitchen island. Raw materials organically alter the foundation of the space while retaining the essence of how one feels in the environment. 

Furthermore, various elements such as the traditional French doors and exposed brick walls were restored. We knocked down the remaining walls to create a fully open-concept space and now, we can fully appreciate it basking in the maximum amount of natural light streaming in.


Steel bi-fold doors that resembled old shophouses’ were the only partition introduced for some privacy. Minimal furnishing and décor were recommended to keep the space clutter-free while the homeowners’ personal memorabilia added to the character of the space.