Project 357 Maisonette | Modern Contemporary

A time-worn HDB maisonette is now a young couple’s modern contemporary haven featuring a master bathroom as big as a common room.

The homeowners are home-bodies who prefer working and spending time at home. The focus of the project was to create various areas that not only allow them to work and play-in but also designed in a way that allows them to fully immerse themselves the experience of living in a spacious two-storey apartment.


This project was also featured on Qanvast. Read the article here:

The edgy, striking lighting feature that stands out in this space that has a clean and minimalistic design. 

It was intentionally designed to align symmetrically to the flight of stairs to achieve visual calmness.

A beautiful wood slab table was selected as an accent piece to inject visual interest to this otherwise minimalistic living room.

The colorful artwork represents the young couple's vitality, playfulness, and their love for life.

The kitchen's renovation was a little bit more extensive. It was opened up as the homeowners are non-heavy cookers.

A custom-made island cum dining combo is a stunning centerpiece to entertainment, chill, and work from home.

Two common bedrooms on the upper floor have been combined to create a large master bedroom .

One half of it is used for movie nights and the other half is where main master bedroom is.

With this layout, the room exudes a boutique hotel vibe.

The most impressive part of the apartment would be the huge bathroom that can be entirely seen-through from the master bedroom.


The previous master and common bathroom had to be combined to fit a custom-made bathtub, a double-sink vanity, the shower area, and the water closet.

This bathroom sits on top of our list for being one of the most challenging and exciting bathrooms built till date.

The custom-made double sink vanity moulded from high quality quartz. The bathroom is an epitome of what luxury stands for.

An in-home dance studio for the queen of the household. The large backlit mirror adds depth and a little dramatic flair to the space even if you are not looking to build a studio.